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7 tips to make yourself memorable as an IFA

It’s the morning after... 

You probably recognise the situation.  You were at a networking event the night before. You met a lot of new faces and heard a lot of long winded, jargon-laced elevator pitches. 

Dull dull dull.

But you empathised.  Introducing yourself has always been a bit of a stumbling block for you. Glazed looks when you say you’re an IFA are par for the course, you tell yourself. But the fact remains, as you look at the business cards you collected, you’re struggling to remember who you met and why you might need them.

It dawns on you though, that people looking at your card this morning might be thinking exactly the same thing.

What to do? Give up networking? Or give some attention to your description?

You see some IFAs and their propositions are memorable.  So what are they doing differently?  Having spent 3 years observing how professionals describe their work, Melissa Kidd has come up with 7 principles that can be applied to your unfolding business development conversations.  You'll find them listed in the order that you'd use them when having a conversation...

First things first...

1. Create an emotional connection

Yes an obvious one. This is the art of rapport building.  Aim to help people feel important, included and interesting. So ask lots of questions about them. They're more likely to want to hear what you have to say. Strongly felt emotion is one of the ways information is carried from the short term into the long term memory.  So if you approach someone on their own at an event, they’ll remember you. And if you’re rude, even unintentionally, they’ll remember that too.

2. Create associations

Whether you like it or not, people will put you in a box, when they meet you. So to help you become more memorable (and win more referrals) think carefully about these boxes.

Simply giving your job title as a financial planner or independent financial advisor may not be the best answer.  It would be more valuable to mention, the type of people you help, painful problems you solve and value you create.  Here are a couple of ideas:

I work with (insert your target market) to (insert your results)

I help when (insert an event that trigger the need for your services)

3. Ensure understanding

People will only remember what you do if they understand it. Again sounds obvious.  But as you’re selling something abstract, this isn’t always easier said than done.

Keep your language as concrete as possible. Talk about specific people doing specific things that are easily recognisable. This is why I say, “You know how awful it is if someone glazes over when you’re talking? Well, I help professionals get better results when they speak about their business.”

Are you describing yourself as an independent? Does your listener really know what that means?  What about saying impartial?

4. Weave in the unusual or unexpected

If you can weave an element of the unexpected into examples that you give about how you help clients, it will be more memorable.  Again this touches on the importance of creating an emotional response.

5. Tell stories

It’s no accident that all the great spiritual traditions have used stories to carry their messages through the generations. The example stories you create will illuminate your proposition sentence, helping the people you talk to “see what you mean.”

6. Use metaphors

These are the icing on the cake (ahem) in terms of making you memorable. Use them to illustrate your offer, your process or your positioning. You can draw on all kinds of things like nature, sport, technology, food and drink. Other form of word play – similes, alliteration work too.

7. Repetition

Beyond the face to face meeting, how are you going to remind that person that you exist? What can you give? How can you help? Consider: introductions, information and invitations to other events.

What do you think makes someone memorable?


Melissa Kidd specialises in helping professionals generate more leads from their networking activity.  If you need some help, please contact her to find out more about her training and coaching programmes:



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Author: Melissa Kidd
Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | 4:08:02 PM

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28 June 2011 | 10:17:58 PM  Charlie Brown wrote:
great post and website Melissa


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