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Why are so many IFAs invisible online? (And missing out on business as a result)

Today, IFA Life received yet another enquiry from a member of the public who wanted advice about his pensions and investments.

He told us that he had looked through the IFA Life website, but was surprised at just how few IFAs had fully completed their profile pages.

He told us that most IFAs listed had completed the 'compulsory' parts of their profile: name, company name, address, other contact details, specialisms etc - but that was about it.

He said that he regularly sees articles around the web suggesting that people should seek out the services of an IFA, but when it came to it he could see little, if anything to differentiate themselves and their services, adding:

"They all look the same; I have no idea how to choose between them."

Quite apart from the obvious comments I could make about 'differentiation in a post RDR world', isn't it about time that more IFAs started taking social networking sites more seriously as a vehicle with which people will find and assess IFAs?

Our forthcoming workshop on how IFAs can leverage LinkedIn will detail how financial advisers can stand out from the crowd on that networking site - but IFAs should also take a close look at their profile here - particulary given that we are seeing increasing numbers of people visiting IFA Life to find an adviser.

Follow these proven tips to make the most of your profile page on IFA Life: 

1. Have you described what problems you solve? 
2. Have you explained the solutions you provide to those problems? 
3. Have you described the types of people/clients you help? 
4. Have you described the criteria you look for when taking on a client? 
5. Have you described what results will be achieved when people engage you? 
6. Have you explained why your clients experienced the problems you described above? 
7. Is it clear why clients choose you over other financial advisers? 
8. How are you building confidence and proving that you’re the right adviser to solve their problems? 
9. What free tips can you give people to help them get started straight away? 
10. Have you invited people to make contact with you, and given them a range of ways to do so? 

Bonus Tip: 

11. Have you uploaded your photograph and logo to your profile page? A photo is essential as it helps to give viewers a sense of who you are. Remember, people buy people.

[If you have trouble uploading your photo, it is usually because the file size is too large.  Try reducing the file size and upload again.  If you still have difficulty, please email it to and we'll do it for you]


Consumers are looking for people like you to help them, and it's no longer good enough just to have a static presence on the Internet.  

Make sure that through either your website or your profiles on IFA Life and LinkedIn, that people get a sense of who you are, what you're about and the good work that you do with other clients.

Stop hiding - show yourself!




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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 3:48:51 PM

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