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The Emporer's New Clothes

A good proportion of the fund industry are currently embarked on developing 'Managed Solutions' to help IFA's in the post RDR world, but are we seeing anything new? As someone looking for value for my clients, and new to the world of advising (not new to the industry) my early research looks a bit like this:

Low cost multi-asset - Many of these are, as yet, unproven but look like they will deliver predictable results at low cost - will these replace the Life Co mixed funds of old?

Multi-manager/FOF - Fewer new funds than above which perhaps highlights the difficulty of overcoming typically high TER's - has anyone found anyone that can rival the credentials and track record of Jupiter?

DFM - strong evidence of reduced volatility in some cases (assisted by further diversification into Hedge, Private Equity, etc) but yet to find anyone that's delivered consistent out-performance. APCIM's strikes me as a poor measure given lack of correlation of underlying assets and unhelpful when trying to compare with above?

A gross over-simplification of fund offerings but I would be grateful for any tips regarding hidden gems or research that provides a more conclusive outcome.


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Author: Marcus Henderson
Posted: Thursday, March 01, 2012 | 9:59:42 AM

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