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Advisors must shift LinkedIn to the top of their Social Media strategy (if they had one)

Advisors who want to connect with their peers and expand their businesses should create blogs and LinkedIn profiles, then master the compliance rules needed to run those accounts effectively, said speakers at the Women Advisors Forum in New York on Thursday
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The numbers are compelling, as 61% of advisors using a LinkedIn account said they have acquired a client through it, says Marie Swift, president and CEO of Impact Communications, citing a Hubspot 2011 survey of 611 advisors. Also, 47% of advisors using a blog said they had acquired a client through it.
“When we think back 10 years ago, the thought was: ‘What is the use of a Web site?’” says Swift, who is also a regular blogger for Financial Planning. “When we look back, social media will be the norm. It’s the way the way we’ll communicate and connect.”
Advisors should use industry keywords throughout their LinkedIn profiles and include working URLs, so the profiles will always appear high on Internet searches Swift says.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is pilot testing social media protocols, says Valentina Chtchedrine, the company's vice president of strategy and experience. LinkedIn is the hands-down preferred mode of social networking for advisors, she says. It is a gathering place for professionals, so it offers plenty of resources to gather client leads and do so with lots of personal privacy.
LinkedIn allows users to search for firms and personal connections based on zip codes. The site displays results according to which users are in the advisor’s network, Chtchedrine says.
The firm is finding that Twitter is a useful information-gathering tool, as opposed to one where advisors volunteer a lot of information, she says.
Facebook, the overwhelmingly popular social networking tool, can be useful for business purposes if advisors use it correctly, Swift says. Business Facebook accounts should use photos and be rich in other visual media, but advisors should always be circumspect about what they share on those Web sites. 

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Author: LifeTalk Admin (Bella)
Posted: Friday, April 27, 2012 | 10:09:05 AM

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14 October 2013 | 7:45:33 PM  Kimmy  Burguess wrote:
Really this is a great idea , linkedln is one of the best way to show your business reputation in social media , so as this article suggest it wiil great if you shift your social media affairs more towards Linkedln which has a great impact on masses.

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