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Please vote on the Top characteristic of the most successful financial advisers

IFA Life members have given us some great suggestions as to the top characteristics of successful financial advisers.  Please vote on what you believe is the single most important and see the overall results.  Thank you.

If you are unable to see the poll below, or if it doesn't scroll, please follow this link.


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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Monday, June 18, 2012 | 1:10:55 PM

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26 March 2013 | 10:58:45 AM  Andrew Abbott wrote:
If you click them all you can see their relative weightings
26 March 2013 | 10:58:11 AM  Andrew Abbott wrote:
If u click them all u get to see how many other votes each one vot
21 October 2012 | 3:11:06 PM  Bob Simpson wrote:
All of the above persistently always
09 July 2012 | 7:59:34 PM  Lee Clarke wrote:
Trust is the most important ingredient of all, and it's not on the list. Demonstrating over many years that you can be trusted and will never let your clients down, will lead to long-term client loyalty and high quality personal introductions. Never have to prospect for clients again!
20 June 2012 | 1:31:10 PM  Dominic Thomas wrote:
oops, I misread, was going to click the top 5, should have only clicked one.... doh!
18 June 2012 | 2:49:15 PM  LifeTalk Admin (Bella) wrote:
The poll window should scroll on all browsers. If not, try this link:

18 June 2012 | 2:38:33 PM  James Craw wrote:
I cannot read all the options on my browser. Can you alter the poll window? Is there one for being a good listener because I think this is very important!?

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