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Best Practice makes Perfect: 171 Memory Joggers and Bright Ideas for IFAs

Financial services is one of the most technically trained and talented
professions in the world but there is still very little support for you on
how to run and manage a 'best practice business'.

As a result, many of you suffer from the same day-to-day challenges with debilitating effects:

  • A severe lack of practice management guidelines, operational procedures and a unique house style
  • Under-resourced, inadequately skilled and poorly trained support staff
  • Poor team/people management, leadership and development skills
  • Inefficient workflow and task management methods and systems
  • Ineffective time and diary management.

If you are to succeed personally and professionally, you need to eliminate these challenges or, even better, prevent them from happening in the first place.

Best practice can only be achieved by creating a structured and supportive environment in which each individual can create an amazing experience for their clients!


The time to act is now - not tomorrow or the day after: NOW! 


Michelle Hoskin's book "Best Practice makes Perfect" is packed with hints and tips on how to help overcome the challenges you face in running your business.

For more details and to own your copy, visit now.


"A beautifully formed collection of 171 memory joggers, bright ideas and common sense tips - each one invaluable in helping financial professionals achieve and maintain best practice."

Ian Green, Principal, Green Financial Advice Limited




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Author: Michelle Hoskin
Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 | 4:03:58 PM

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