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How do you compete for the attention of IFAs in an increasingly crowded online marketplace?

Even more banner ads - or something just a little more 'conversational'?

Over the last three months, I’ve spoken with many Providers who are reassessing how they market and promote their message to IFAs – whether on sites like Money Marketing, Citywire, FT Adviser, IFA Online – or our own site IFA Life. 

I just got off the phone with a household name Provider who told me that:

"...they have very serious concerns that traditional online advertising and marketing techniques [banners, buttons etc] continue to have any value or impact in the promotion of their brand and products to IFAs”. 

Whilst it would be premature to suggest that website advertising is dead and buried, it’s fair to say that all Providers and advertisers need to take a close look at just what type of online advertising really is effective in the IFA space. 

Clearly the effectiveness of a banner is in direct proportion to the creativity, the copywriting, the message and how it engages its audience; but time is definitely running out for the traditional website banner, and Providers need to find new ways to attract the attention of IFAs who increasingly spend their time online.

At IFA Life we watch and monitor every Financial Services advertiser – particularly those who are starting to use Social Media. 

We watch how IFAs respond and we note who’s really making an impact.  It’s now very clear to us that those Providers who engage in conversations with IFAs online, are the ones who are getting the most attention.

The Provider with whom I just got off the phone added:

“ we’ve decided to start exploring Social Media and Conversational Marketing ‘properly’ and would really like some ideas”.

I gave them one strategy which I guarantee will make an immediate difference to how they are perceived by IFAs, and on 19th September we’ll share that strategy (and many others) with attendees at our special Social Media workshop for Providers.

We’re now running out of discounted places for smaller Providers, but if you hurry you won’t miss out.

This is our fourth Social Media workshop for Providers and every one of them has sold out, so take this great opportunity to start building your Social strategy with IFAs.

Sign up today: 


Philip Calvert
Founder of IFA Life 


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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Friday, August 24, 2012 | 2:44:07 PM

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