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How you find an IFA or Financial Adviser just changed. A welcome return to 'the human touch'

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new consumer facing website 'Ask LifeTalk'. is designed to connect consumers who have questions about financial planning, financial products and personal finance with IFAs and financial advisers. 

Founder of LifeTalk Philip Calvert said today:

"We wanted to reinvent the way people find, assess and interact with IFAs and financial advisers, in an approach that more closely reflects the way that consumers use the Internet today."

Calvert adds that when people are looking for a financial adviser, or searching for information about financial planning or financial products like pensions, investments and personal finances, the majority go to the Internet first.  And because consumers have become more skilled and confident in the way they use search tools and the Internet, online listings within directories of advisers often leave little to differentiate one adviser from another.

Philip Calvert continues:

"Directory sites have served consumers well, but are reaching the end of their shelf life, as consumers have become more astute about how they use the Internet.  What's more, financial advisers are telling us that directory sites do little to help one adviser differentiate themselves from another, so we thought we'd bring the whole thing up to date."

Over the last five years, consumers have progressed from purely using the Internet as a search engine, with many now using it to ask questions online about financial planning and financial products.  Ask LifeTalk provides a platform for consumers to ask their questions directly to financial advisers. 

Subscribing advisers who are registered on the LifeTalk website ( can then answer the question, initially giving generic opinions and guidance.  The questioner can then 'like' and choose a favourite response, at which point they can then make further enquiries or set up a meeting with their favoured adviser.

Calvert adds:

"Everyone benefits. For advisers, here's an opportunity to win new clients by being seen to be as helpful as possible.  People buy people, so the person asking the question can make a choice from a range of different answers that have been presented."


Looking good

When a consumer decides to make contact with an adviser, they can access their online profile to learn more about them - another reason why financial advisers need to put effort into creating an attractive, helpful, professional, friendly and compelling profile page.

Advisers will be able to display a LifeTalk badge on their website which shows how many questions they have answered and how often their answers have been 'liked' by consumers using the Ask LifeTalk website - a visible recognition of how helpful they have been.

The Ask LifeTalk website also provides other tools for financial advisers to raise their profiles, including a blogging and article area, an events calendar where they can post details of forthcoming client seminars and a dedicated channel with BrightTALK where advisers can post videos and webcasts.



Tools to help IFAs and financial advisers to engage with consumers online

Advisers can also post their company news and updates in the blogging area, which can include their logo, website address, full contact details, photos and links to their social network profiles.

Philip Calvert concluded:

"We're really excited about Ask LifeTalk.  It's important that as a profession, we continue to innovate how consumers find and access professional financial advice.”

The website service will be promoted widely across the Internet, and will make maximum use of new social media technologies to reach consumers.

Advisers can find out more here:

By Philip Calvert

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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Monday, March 04, 2013 | 8:09:11 AM

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04 March 2013 | 1:14:20 PM  Philip Calvert wrote:
Hi Ian - that is being worked on. In the meantime, we ask the consumer for their location when they sign up.


04 March 2013 | 12:50:12 PM  Ian  Brewer wrote:
I wondered how this will work if consumers are not local to the adviser who want face to face contact maybe a Virtual Advisor could be the answer

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