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Top tips for marketing your firm in a post-RDR world

Matthew Guilder from advises on how IFAs and Financial Planners can demonstrate value to clients and reach out for more new business opportunities.
It is early days yet, but figures already being bandied around suggest that the numbers of regulated financial advisers has fallen in the three months from November 2012 to February 2013 – one article quoted this number as being 15.4 per cent (its figures came from Matrix Solutions).
Whether your firm has felt the impact of the RDR or not, one thing is certain.  It is time to start focusing and ramping up your marketing to ensure that you minimise any potential damage and capitalise on any opportunities to be seized.
By now you will know how your firm looks post-RDR, what areas you are targeting and how your processes will work. But have you changed your marketing to reflect this? Openly communicating with clients is always key, and here are our top tips for marketing your firm in a post-RDR world.
1. Review and update your website
Sounds obvious, but now more than ever, your website is your firm’s shop window. Whether you are looking to win new business or reassure existing clients it is important to update your website to reflect the way that you work and offer advice.
2. Communicate with your clients
Keep your clients updated on any changes to the way you operate. By sending a monthly newsletter to your client base you can tie this in nicely with any other industry updates such as Budget announcements, news or anything else of relevance to your clients.
3. Add value
Add value to your service by providing your clients with accurate, up to date reading material around their interests. Target groups of your clients and send them information that is relevant to them. For example, send investment clients a guide containing the latest information on income tax and investments, or the
difference between active and passive investing.
All of the above are ways that you can ensure that your clients feel kept in the loop, supported and that they are receiving a valuable service. Of course, the end of the tax year is approaching and you are bound to be busy, but it is important to think about your marketing and whether it is up to date.
We can help with any of the above, including up to date content and guides.  Please contact us via or call me on 0117 915 3350 
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Author: IFA Life Sponsored Post
Posted: Friday, March 08, 2013 | 1:50:16 PM

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