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Being helpful and supportive - Old fashioned values in a modern setting to help people find an IFA or Financial Adviser

We’re delighted that our new site Ask LifeTalk has been live for a week and is already taking questions from consumers who are looking to find an IFA/Financial Adviser or get ansers to their financial queries.  Several IFAs and financial advisers have also signed up and are providing helpful answers. 

More and more consumers are using the Internet to find information about personal finances.  Unlike just a few years ago, many now ask questions in open forums on ‘money sites’.  And because they are better informed, their questions are often smarter and more comprehensive.

Ask LifeTalk is an opportunity for people to ask questions to real IFAs and financial advisers – the people who actually know the answers.  Our research has also shown that whilst people use the Internet to ask questions, many would still like a layer of privacy, so our new site Ask LifeTalk gives them that too.

After they have asked their question, IFAs and advisers who are registered on the site are notified, so that they can log in and, if they wish, provide an answer.  The more helpful you are, the greater the likelihood that the consumer will want to find out more about you and your services.

Consumers can then ‘Like’ and favourite the answers, and we encourage them to contact an adviser who they feel has been helpful.   

In short, it’s a great way for consumers to get the answers they need, but also for IFAs to make an impression and attract new clients.


What are the different ways that IFAs and advisers benefit from using Ask LifeTalk?

  • Receive notifications of consumer questions
  • Attract new leads by being helpful and supportive
  • Post articles and blogs which highlight your knowledge, experience and expertise (includes your logo, website address, contact details, photo and social media links)
  • Post your press releases to tell people what’s happening in your business
  • Post videos and webcasts
  • Pension leads and introductions to consumers who are looking for advisers
  • List the dates of your consumer facing seminars and events
  • Ask LifeTalk badge for your website
  • Banner advertising for your adviser business on the home page

Find out more by visiting now.  You can sign up at no charge for the next few weeks.


By Philip Calvert
Founder of LifeTalk (formerly IFA Life)





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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Friday, March 15, 2013 | 11:06:08 AM

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