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A simple and powerful way for IFAs to showcase the value of their services on LinkedIn. Do it now!

Today we looked at a random sample of twenty IFAs who have a profile on LinkedIn.  Whilst many of them have clearly put some recent effort into updating their profile page, what was surprising was that not one of them had a recent client testimonial on their page; at least not one within the last twelve months.  In fact fifty per cent didn’t have any client testimonials at all.

The perception amongst many IFAs, is that LinkedIn is little more than just a ‘fancy jobs site’.  And whilst job and recruitment related services produce most of LinkedIn’s revenue, the site is far far more than that.  Indeed, if you are an IFA, you have a profile on LinkedIn and you are not looking for a job, then you’re missing a big trick by not investing some proper time in your profile, because it is a powerful and proven lead generation tool.

And one of the best things you can do is to include some client testimonials on your profile.  Most IFAs will put testimonials on their website, so put them on your LinkedIn profile too.  LinkedIn even gives you a special tool to help, where you can send a message. 

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile page
  • Click on the downward pointing arrow just to the right of the big Edit button
  • Click on the first option ‘ask to be recommended’
  • Choose what role you want to be recommended for
  • Choose from your connections who you will contact for a testimonial

Important - remember to personalise the pre-prepared  message (include people’s names etc).  This dramatically increases the likelihood of a positive response to your request.  It sounds obvious I know, but so many people ignore this simple point.

And here's a trick:  When asking for a testimonial, also include “what would you say to others who are looking for an IFA/financial planner”.  This often adds extra ‘star quality’ to testimonials and really gets to the heart of why they are recommending you.

And when your testimonials arrive, you can accept them and put them straight on your profile, hide/reject it or even ask for them to be revised.

Most IFAs tell me that referrals from existing clients are their primary source of finding new business opportunities, but you can use LinkedIn to showcase and highlight your clients’ feelings for your service.

LinkedIn is not just another social networking site where you happen to have a profile page.  Just as you treat your website as an asset of your business, so too should you treat your LinkedIn profile as an asset of your business.

Oh, and did I tell you that you can also request testimonials for your services from your LinkedIn Company page? 

And did I tell you that when you get testimonials on your Company page, just one recommendation for your services can significantly increase visits and engagement with your page?

There is so much that you can do with LinkedIn that can help to attract new leads, new customers and professional introducers, and these tips are just a tiny fraction of what you can do with LinkedIn.   

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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 | 8:19:10 AM

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