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Capturing client meeting notes, writing engagement letters, recommendation letters and client reporting is crucial to every IFA’s business - but here's the problem...

Outsource your admin so you can concentrate on building your client base and revenue! 

Capturing client meeting notes, writing engagement letters, recommendation letters, client reporting, etc. is crucial to every IFA’s business but, often represents a time-consuming administrative chore writing it all up and making sure it’s presented to clients perfectly.
VoiceNotes relieves this pressure - one call will deliver a professionally proofread note in minutes.  Our service is reliable, has passed the security requirements of banks/investment companies, and we employ only editorial-grade proofreaders to ensure accuracy. You can also copy a colleague/CRM system on your note.

How it works
VoiceNotes works in a way that is designed to be as familiar and appealing as possible for professionals - one simple phone call that can easily be made 24/7 from home or office, the back of a taxi or the foyer of the next meeting. Once you hang up we get to work, then email you a proofread note. 

Other benefits when using VoiceNotes
Anything that will save you time and to enhance the quality of communication, including: capturing summaries of due diligence calls; at training seminars, recording the salient points and examples; at trade shows and networking events, phoning in a short debrief describing the person they have just met; capturing action points during team meetings; drafting emails/departmental reports/company newsletters/marketing literature.

Buy yourself some time back - LifeTalk members benefit from a FREE TWO-WEEK TRIAL – 10% off – from £35 + vat a week for all your meeting notes/client reports/call back reminders.  Put us to the test!

Rely on us to get your communication spot on
You can rely on any communication that is produced by VoiceNotes for onward forwarding to clients being grammatically correct. In today’s world, a letter with discreet/discrete or compliment/complement spelt incorrectly will be judged negatively. Professionals do not want to have to spend time looking up spellings; nor can they afford to send out letters/emails/documents which are ungrammatical.
For more information for IFAs please call Kirstie White on 0207 117 0066 or email
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Author: IFA Life Sponsored Post
Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2014 | 8:30:02 AM

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