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Revealed - How to Use LinkedIn to Manage your Professional Reputation and Attract New Clients

How to use LinkedIn and Social Media to manage your Professional Reputation and attract Profitable New Clients

The Complete Guide for IFAs, Financial Planners and Financial Services Professionals

Thursday 17th September 2015, London



"One Adviser told us that LinkedIn has produced £100,000 of business for his practice. Discover how LinkedIn can work for you too." 

From Facebook to Twitter and from YouTube to LinkedIn, Social Media has become a powerful tool to enhance the modern financial adviser’s visibility online.

Whether to manage your professional identity or to attract profitable new clients, today’s post-RDR adviser recognises that their website alone is no longer the be-all and end-all of their Internet presence. 

And since 2010, more consumers visit Social Networking sites than search engines – what’s more, over 40% of people over age 35 actually prefer to use Social Media to conduct online searches.  So it’s essential that financial advisers can not only be found – but appear credible, professional, friendly and trustworthy.


Continue 2015 positively with a commitment to learning how to use Social Media more effectively in your financial advice business 

During a conference speech early in 2014 on business networking, LinkedIn expert Philip Calvert asked the audience how many people present were on LinkedIn.  Not surprisingly, out of the thousand people in the conference hall almost everyone raised their hands. 

Then Philip asked 'how many of them knew why they were on LinkedIn?'  But this time the response was startlingly different, with only ten people raising their hands. 

Philip has repeated this question at conferences and business events all over the UK and overseas.  And whatever the industry or business sector, the response has always been the same - managers, employees, senior executives, small business owners, company directors and financial services professionals everywhere are signed up on the popular networking site, but most have very little idea how to use it to attract new customers and to increase sales.   


In short, they’re missing out on profiting from one of the most powerful online business tools ever created. 


The perception is that LinkedIn is little more than just a job site, and whilst recruitment services are a part of LinkedIn’s offering, the potential to use LinkedIn to attract new clients, increase sales and build relationships with professional connections is immense.  And the techniques to do it are little-known by most financial advisers.

But some do know how it's done.  One adviser told us that with very little effort, his activity on LinkedIn has produced £100,000 of business for his practice.


Discover the secrets of how to use LinkedIn to build your reputation and attract new clients

So please join us on 17th September 2015 when we'll reveal a wealth of little-known features which are guaranteed to help you to really leverage LinkedIn. 

We guarantee no ‘theoretical fluff’ – just proven tips and techniques that will make an immediate and measurable difference to you, your visibility and your financial advice business.

We'll answer the questions that IFAs and financial advisers consistently ask:

  • "Are my target clients really on LinkedIn - isn't it just a business audience?"
  • "Who should I connect with when I receive a request?"
  • "What are the compliance issues I should know about?"
  • "I've been on LinkedIn for years and haven't found a single client - what am I doing wrong?"

Everything you’ll learn really works, and like most people who’ve attended Philip’s workshop, you’ll wish you had learnt this months ago!

What’s more, when you leave the workshop, you’ll have a personalised, step-by-step plan for what to do next.  You can even make changes to your LinkedIn profile during the workshop and see an immediate difference to your visibility.


"It was a BRILLIANT course on Tuesday, thank you so much!  I'm really looking forward to putting the action plan together."
Jonathan Palfreyman, Financial Director, Hiatt Financial (attended October 2014)


What will we cover and how will you benefit? 

In addition to being an amazing networking opportunity for attendees, here's what you'll learn on the day:

  • Why LinkedIn is a critical business resource – and how to make it work hard for your business
  • How to dominate search results on LinkedIn for your area of expertise
  • Simple adjustments to your profile page which will make an immediate and measurable transformation to your visibility on LinkedIn
  • How to dramatically improve your position in Google search results simply by using LinkedIn
  • Little known techniques that encourage people to read your LinkedIn profile
  • Who should I connect with?  How to handle connection requests from people you don’t know
  • Whether to connect with ‘everyone’ and build a large network – or build a small and niche network by connecting with just a few
  • A Five-Minutes-a-Day LinkedIn Workout that will get you results
  • Ten reasons why it’s vital that financial advice professionals learn how to master LinkedIn without delay
  • Forget ‘Social Media’ and focus on ‘managing your online identity’.  LinkedIn’s role in building your reputation and professional credibility
  • How and why your personal and company profiles on LinkedIn should be treated as valuable assets of your business - and not just as another social networking profile
  • How to create loyal advocates for your business on LinkedIn (even amongst people who aren’t yet clients)
  • The three single most important elements of your LinkedIn profile and why you should update them NOW
  • The one thing you MUST do before updating your LinkedIn profile
  • The right (and wrong) way to connect with people on LinkedIn
  • How to respond when complete strangers want to connect with you
  • A simple technique that is guaranteed to start gainful discussions
  • When you should (and should not) give Skills Endorsements
  • Why you should REMOVE some Skills from your LinkedIn profile
  • What to do next when someone endorses you for your Skills
  • Four hugely valuable features on your LinkedIn profile which you’re not yet using (and probably don't even know exist)
  • Examples of outstanding LinkedIn profile pages and what you can learn from them
  • Little known mobile apps that can connect you with useful business professionals through LinkedIn 
  • How to get found by potential clients on LinkedIn for your specific area of expertise
  • Discover how to make the most of each section of your LinkedIn profile – a step-by-step guide
  • The right (and the wrong) type of testimonials to include on your LinkedIn profile 
  • An amazing and little known trick to find the right people to connect with on LinkedIn
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile client focused
  • One massive mistake that huge numbers of business professionals are making on LinkedIn and why it’s costing them dear
  • How to use LinkedIn to monitor key companies, organisations and topics of interest
  • LinkedIn tricks and tips that alert you to the most valuable connections for you
  • Should I pay to upgrade on LinkedIn? 
  • Why it’s vital to personalise your LinkedIn URL
  • Why LinkedIn is a powerful option for building your newsletter list
  • How to use LinkedIn direct from within your email account
  • How to massively add value to your LinkedIn network through browser widgets 
  • The single most powerful (but widely underused) feature on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is not just for people – discover how to create a compelling Company profile and why it’s a must do activity
  • How and when to use LinkedIn Showcase pages 
  • Never be short of something to add to your status updates – a handy tool to make LinkedIn status updates easy
  • How to use LinkedIn to build Community around your Brand
  • How to massively increase engagement with your status updates on LinkedIn (by as much as 80%)
  • How to use LinkedIn groups to attract new clients/connections
  • Where to find free auto responders to drive traffic to your website from your LinkedIn group 
  • Comparison of LinkedIn with other Business Social Networking tools such as Xing, SunZu, Viadeo and Google + 

Plus - the single biggest mistake that almost all financial advisers make on LinkedIn - and how to fix it immediately

If you think this is a lot, you’re right!  And there will be a lot more besides because you, like us expect value for your investment. 

"A very interesting and informative day.  I have now managed to get my Linkedin profile to appear on the first page in a search for my keywords, and the only two above me are in Australia and Hong Kong!  Can't be bad."  
Dylan Roberts



The offices of Dimensional Fund Advisors are easy to get to, with convenient access to major mainline and underground stations (Regent's Park, Great Portland Street and Warren Street). 

It is a relaxed, comfortable and professional environment, with plenty of natural daylight.  Tea/coffee and refreshments are available thoughout the day.

The address is Dimensional Fund Advisors, 20 Triton Street, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3BF.  Click here for map.


Time and Date  

We will welcome you for tea/coffee and networking from 9.00am, with a prompt start at 09.30am.  Refreshments will be served throughout the day with lunch at 1pm.  The workshop will finish at 4.30pm when you’ll leave with everything you need to know to maximise your use of LinkedIn. 

The workshop is on Thursday 17th September 2015.  Add it to your diary now. 

Important:  A quick word about timing 

We always start our workshops on time.  To be fair to everyone and to ensure that there is sufficient time to cover all the material thoroughly in this workshop, when we say we will start promptly at 09.30am we will do just that.  From experience, we know that delegates always appreciate and understand this.  Thank you.


Who should attend this workshop? 

  1. Anyone financial adviser who has an account on LinkedIn, but who is not yet seeing the benefits – in either valuable new connections, greater visibility or new clients

  2. Anyone financial adviser who believes that the Internet, Social Media and online networking will increasingly have a greater part to play in their business lives - but who are not sure how

  3. Anyone who is eager to master LinkedIn as not just a recruiting tool, but a proven and valuable business resource


Who should not attend this workshop? 

If you are not open-minded to new ideas, or you don’t believe that the Internet has a key role to play in business, then this workshop is probably not for you.


"Went on the London workshop last week. Brilliant! A real eye opener and very worthwhile event. It is totally relevant to all advisers" 

Your host for this workshop 

Philip Calvert FInstSMM FPSA is the founder of the award-winning social networking website LifeTalk and is in demand as a speaker at conferences and training events on how to attract new customers through LinkedIn.   

Philip runs several thriving groups on LinkedIn, including one with over 20,000 members.  Many of the topics and threads run to several hundred comments. 

Speaking on how to use LinkedIn and Social Media effectively in business, Philip’s audiences have included senior Directors from Hitachi, the Eden Project, Estee Lauder, Crossrail, DVLA, The Royal College of Surgeons, the DTI, Del Monte, Oracle, River Island, Scottish & Newcastle, BUPA, Zurich, the PFS, the IFP, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, France Telecom, BP, University of London, the British Medical Association, National Express, Oxfam, Ford, George Wimpey, Domino's Pizza Group, HM Prison Service, Littlewoods Gaming, Fullers, the Food Standards Agency, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Miele, John Lewis and many others. 

His experience, insight and enthusiasm bring a unique ‘behind the scenes' view on how business and sales professionals can build their brand and attract new clients through LinkedIn and the wider Internet.


Your investment and Guarantee 

£295 - but for those booking immediately, your ticket is discounted to only £157.  

This includes tea/coffee, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.  If, after six months you haven't gained one new client after following our process, we will give you your money back.

If you're an IFA graduate, Paraplanner or in an admin support role and you're aged 30 or under, there is an additional 20% discount. 

And unlike some workshops, you won’t leave with theoretical fluff - every attendee will leave with a personalised plan of action and with clear direction as to what you’ve got to do next and how.  If you bring your laptop/tablet with you on  the day, you'll leave having made a massive improvement to your LinkedIn profile.


You have two options:

Option 1

One day LinkedIn training, plus ongoing tips, guidance and feedback on your LinkedIn profile:  £295 discounted to £157 for immediate bookings.  Plus an additional discount if you're aged 30 or under.


Option 2

One day LinkedIn training, plus personal mentoring with Philip Calvert for twelve months.  Includes two face-to-face meetings and three telephone/Skype calls over the year:  £1,975.  Please contact us if you would like to take up this option:





Please choose your ticket now using drop-down menu


Our additional Guarantee to you  

If you’re not completely satisfied with the material presented at this event, we will refund your money in full – no questions asked.  We can't say fairer than that.

Miss this event at your own risk!

Ask any of the hundreds of people who have already attended one of Philip’s events, and they'll tell you that this seminar is worth many, many times the ticket price.   It will sell out early, so don't miss out.


Book your seat now!

Questions before you sign-up?  Contact Philip Calvert and he will answer you personally:



In short - professional financial advisers and providers who fail to use websites and networking tools such as LinkedIn will increasingly become invisible on the Internet.  It will be as though they don't exist.  

When consumers are searching for information on individuals and companies, the first place that the majority of people go to is the Internet.  We'll reveal how your use of LinkedIn will also dramatically improve your visibility on Google. 

LinkedIn is proven and powerful tool for connecting people, and if you're not using it to it's full potential, then you'll be missing out - big time!

Sign up today!


Please choose your ticket using the drop-down menu





PS  In addition to the valuable learning you'll receive on the day, this is a great networking opportunity to meet up with your fellow professionals.  Reserve your place now.









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Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 | 9:32:06 AM

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