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The Truth About Bogus Reviews

OUR FAVOURITE online shop, you know the one where we read reviews to help us make the right buying decision, has admitted some of its product reviews are fake.

According to the BBC, Amazon is now taking legal action against more than 1,000 people it says have posted fake reviews on its website. These liars are paid as little as £3.24 by sellers to big up products they have never touched, used, seen, read or heard. It is not clear what action Amazon is taking to stop the sellers who buy these fictitious praises.

Will this news stop me from buying from Amazon? Probably not, although I will scan more reviews next time I buy something.

Looking to the testimonial page on your website, how can visitors know that these testimonials were not dreamt up by a conniving copywriter for £3.24? Sometimes, clients are happy for you to use their words but don’t want you to use their name:

"I think Mary, Mungo and Midge Financial Advisers are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone.” Mrs X from Berkshire

If your testimonials seem a little weak or lack credibility, turn them into case studies. Add depth by explaining the problem the client came to you with and why they couldn’t solve it themselves. Include a paragraph about the journey you took them on, then detail in numbers the outcome of your advice. Wrap it up with their testimonial, which should now look very credible in the context of the case study.

If your client doesn’t want you to use their name, change it in the case study and add a footnote saying. ‘The events and figures quoted in this case study are from a current client; however, the names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.’

Finally, consider building a library of video case studies to tell your clients’ stories. They are instantly credible and can be shared with new prospects via email to build trust before a first meeting. See how Explore Wealth Management uses video testimonials here.

Peter Lisney



Author: Peter Lisney
Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 | 11:46:16 AM

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