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It’s up to you to show what you know

Over the years financial advisers have been given a rough ride to such an extent that many people’s start point when thinking of financial advisers is one of mistrust. 


Like many other service industries part of the problem is the lack of a tangible product, especially where advice is the product. You can’t try it out, you can’t see if it fits and you can’t test how it performs – even Which? has struggled with this one. And if it is going to go wrong it’s probably not going to happen within a few weeks; it could take years to realise you bought a lemon.
In my experience financial advisers are a much maligned breed; those I’ve met (a lot) have their clients’ best interests at heart. I draw no distinction between independent, restricted, tied or whatever label we care to use; at a principled level I believe they are the same: products are just tools. 
So who is banging the financial advice drum? The press aren’t, quite the opposite. Insurance companies do but then they would wouldn’t they so that doesn’t help you. The FCA’s job is to regulate not promote financial advice. So if you want to build trust, show your credentials and convince people to use you then you’ll just have to do it yourself. 
But how? 
Be useful
Show what you know. Give away information freely. Demonstrate that you’re not trying to flog something: you’re more than that; you’re someone worth knowing; someone useful; someone who can make a difference. It’s about building trust and credibility, and you do this with content that is informative and valuable.
What does this content look like?
Content is words. Words that promote knowledge and information. It could be the spoken word, videos and podcasts for example, but mostly it will be the written word such as your website, blog, or newsletter. Above all it is content that you’ve created to help and educate your audience. 
Make it about your customers
Let’s be honest. Nobody really cares about how many qualifications you have or how many years’ experience you’ve got under your belt. You expect your dentist to be qualified but the reason you visit your dentist is because your tooth hurts and she can stop it hurting. So don’t write about how good you are, write about how useful you are and the pain you can make go away. 
How will you show what you know in 2016?

Author: Peter Noone
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 | 8:40:11 AM

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