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Pension Reforms and Industry Views

The Government announced at the 2014 Budget proposals that from April 2015 it would allow people aged 55 and above to access to their money purchase pension savings as they wish during retirement, subject to their marginal rate of income tax.
The development of the new reforms has impacted financial services significantly and almost a year on many retirees and advisers are sitting tight, waiting to see how new rules will affect the retirement marketplace before committing to any change to financial plans.
Additionally, in the recent budget the Chancellor launched a Green Paper to look at the pensions system as a whole, which could mean the system will be revolutionized further.  
With the huge amount of changes going on, it is not only a challenging time for the adviser community but could also provide numerous opportunities for developing new business.  
That is why Panacea Adviser are launching the first FREE virtual event for financial advisers and paraplanners in the UK.
Retirement Choices 2016 - a virtual conference
On 25th February 2016 you can log in and visit a number of stands, hear from a number of keynote speakers and watch virtual presentations on issues surrounding pension reforms.
Live text debates will take place after some of the sessions, giving you the chance to put your questions to the experts and speakers to get real-time answers – ideal for people who shy away from putting their hand up and raising a point in front of an audience.
For more information about Retirement Choices 2016 and to register please visit
To register, simply type in a few details which will go to forming your virtual business card on the day.


Author: LifeTalk Admin (Bella)
Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2016 | 11:28:55 AM

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