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Provider Social Media Best Practice Challenge 2016


Join the Provider Social Media Best Practice Challenge!


Over the last two years there has been a big increase in the number of Providers/Suppliers using Social Media to reach out to IFAs and Financial Advisers.

Most Providers are using Twitter to market themselves, their products and services - and to inform and educate the financial adviser community online.  At LifeTalk we monitor every Provider and Supplier and note best practice in how they engage with financial advisers.  Some are really good at it, whilst others still have work to do!

Our popular Social Media Leaderboard now tracks 170 Providers and publishes a weekly league table reflecting their activity, authority and impact on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google+.  We also host a Social Media Leaderboard for IFAs and financial advisers.

In fact, our two Social Media Leaderboards are now amongst the most popular pages on LifeTalk.  Our IFA members are able to see which Providers are most influential in the Social Media space, whilst Providers can enjoy friendly competition with their peers and get greater exposure for their online content.

But Social Media is proving to be much more than just a bit of fun. 

It’s now a key way for Providers to communicate their business messages – whether you are a traditional Life and Pensions office, an investment provider, fund manager, wrap platform or service provider, Social Media is a key part of how you communicate with advisers and differentiate yourself.



Provider & Supplier Social Media Best Practice Challenge

So we’re now looking to recognise Providers who set high standards in their use of Social Media, through a fun monthly challenge.  Specifically we’re looking for Providers’ tweets which:

  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Add value
  • Help, and most importantly
  • Engage with financial advisers.



Here's how it works:

Each month, we create a shortlist of five Providers who, in our opinion have best met the criteria above.  We then ask our community of over 11,000 advisers to vote on which Provider they feel has shown best practice.

You’re not judged on how many followers you have or how often you tweet or post – it’s about the quality, the value you add and your enthusiasm to interact and engage with IFAs.

All Providers who make the monthly shortlist go onto the grand final in December 2016, when the winner will be announced.

Quite apart from the fun competition, a key benefit for Providers & Suppliers is that every month a shortlist of five companies will have their tweets and Social Media posts highlighted to our IFA members – giving you additional publicity.



Sign up now!  Here’s why:

  • A fun competition between you and your Provider peers
  • Recognition of your Social Media activity throughout the year
  • Additional visibility for your Social Media activity to our IFA membership of over 11,500
  • Highlighted and recognised in our Daily Newsletter to our members when you are shortlisted
  • Highlighted to our Twitter followers of 8,760 people when shortlisted
  • Highlighted in our LinkedIn group of 6,240 members when shortlisted
  • Highlighted on our Facebook group when shortlisted
  • Highlighted across all our Social Media channels when you win or are Highly Commended
  • Official badges for monthly Winners and Highly Commended!


In summary

  1. Join the Provider Social Media Best Practice Challenge
  2. Five Providers are shortlisted at the end of each month
  3. Those Five Providers are judged by our community of IFAs
  4. A winner and a runner up are chosen each month, who each receive our special winner’s badge.  All five shortlisted gain an entry to the final in December.


To join the 2016 Provider Social Media Best Practice Awards right now, your entrance fee is £225 plus VAT.  There is a 30% discount for smaller Providers.   

Sign up quickly, because the sooner you join, the more chances you have to win – in fact eight chances to have your Social Media activity highlighted to our IFA members.  Plus, if you are shortlisted in any of the eight months remaining, you will have an automatic entry into the final in December.

To sign up, contact us:



We are also giving you the chance for all your Twitter posts to be shown on a dedicated page on our website, which we’ll highlight to our members regardless of whether you are shortlisted.  Take a look at this example:

Your investment for a dedicated page for twelve months is £625 plus VAT, with a 30% discount for small providers (contact us to see if you qualify as a smaller provider:  When you sign up for a dedicated page showing all of your tweets, you receive free entry into the Provider Social Media Best Practice Challenge.

Don't miss out - contact us now! 


Official hashtag:  #ProviderSocial


Please share this page on Twitter! 


Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Monday, April 11, 2016 | 5:22:38 PM

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