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Can you mentor another IFA or Financial Planner?

As we approach the anniversary of the first post on the IFA Life website, a key theme which has emerged from all the discussions over the first year is the immense value that everyone gains through sharing of best practice.

In particular, younger IFAs and those building new financial planning and Life Planning businesses are benefiting from the experience of those who have been around the profession for a while and who are willing to share proven business models.

Transitioning and building a financial advice business is not an exact science; access to those who have 'been there and done it' is essential, so we want to match up those looking for help with those who are willing and able to mentor them.

If you are willing to mentor either a younger IFA/financial planner or perhaps someone who is building their business or transitioning to become a 'new model adviser' - please add your name to this thread. A little information on specifically how you can help would be useful too.

NOTE - Please also visit your account settings on IFA Life, and tick the box in Specialisms 'Willing to be a Mentor'.

And if you're looking for a mentor, feel free to contact someone on the list directly or leave a message here.

Good luck - please keep us up to date on how things are going.



Author: Philip Calvert
Posted: Sunday, July 05, 2009 | 10:59:24 AM

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16 September 2009 | 12:15:22 PM  Ian Green wrote:
I have no doubt the IFA Life system will work well, but if you want an alternative, look no further than the American organisation MDRT. Banish any initial fears of a rip roaring jeering brash sales organisation and really investigate their mentoring system. It really works. For more info:

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