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Marketing for Financial Planners

MARKETING FOR FINANCIAL PLANNERS – How to Market and Promote your Life Planning Proposition

"Hi Phil, thanks to your help I'm now 1st out of over 59,000 LinkedIn members worldwide - that's simply FANTASTIC. And after 24 hours with your marketing guide I'm also 1st on LinkedIn search for Financial Life Planner. Awesome". Ian Highton, Essential Financial Advisers


Increasing numbers of IFAs and financial planners are discovering that adding Life Planning to their service proposition is a powerful and proven way to enhance both the value of their business and the value they add to clients.

At a time when the financial services industry is under the spotlight, and with many advisers reviewing their business models, Life Planning brings a long-awaited breath of fresh air to the world of financial advice.

It is much needed oxygen that’s giving life, energy, enthusiasm and optimism to a forward-thinking group of IFAs and financial planners; planners who are offering a service which is invigorating their careers and the lives of their clients.

According to the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, there are many proven benefits of introducing Life Planning to your proposition, including:

  • A process which creates a deep, insightful and long-lasting relationship between client and adviser
  • A more efficient way to do financial planning
  • A far greater understanding of clients’ goals and aspirations
  • Clients who really buy into the process, plus far greater trust
  • Clients who stay for life
  • Immediate, high quality referrals
  • Higher conversion rates
  • A learnable and trainable methodology
  • 3-5 times the sale value of commission-based firms
  • The potential for much cheaper PI cover
  • Excited, energised, motivated clients, advisers and staff

Not only that, but Life Planners report:

  • Significantly reduced workload
  • Increased income (Life Planners are in the top 2% of earners in the profession)
  • Greater profitability per client
  • More time for their family, hobbies, thinking and focus
  • More time to develop new income streams from their expertise

IFA Life’s founder Philip Calvert has described Life Planning as “The most significant opportunity the financial planning industry has ever seen.” But for advisers to reap the rewards that Life Planning can bring to their business, it’s important that they are able to communicate their service clearly to clients, prospects and professional connections.

That’s why IFA Life has produced a new guide to help you:

MARKETING FOR FINANCIAL PLANNERS – How to Market and Promote your Life Planning Proposition

From Seminars to Social Media, you’ll discover a wealth of different and proven ways to get your message out there. Including

  • Eleven proven ways to promote your business and win new clients
  • Online tools and websites which will attract new prospects
  • Proven techniques to appear on the first page of LinkedIn search results
  • And much more

The guide has been written for IFAs, financial planners and other financial advice professionals who wish to introduce Life Planning into their business and service proposition. Whilst it refers to the Kinder EVOKE® advanced Life Planning training, it is equally relevant to all Life Planning methodologies.

Indeed, the guide has benefits to any financial advice firm wishing to enhance its marketing and communications strategy.

"We've been working with Philip Calvert to promote our Financial Life Planning proposition to clients, and the tips and techniques in this guide have made getting the message out there so much easier and more effective. Highly recommended - download your copy today." Tina Weeks, Serenity Financial Planning

To own your copy of this eGuide today, simply order safely and securely with your credit/debit card using the link below, or pay with PayPal. Your investment is just £39.97 (inclusive of vat).

And for a limited period you will receive a free eBook copy of Philip Calvert's acclaimed Successful Seminar Selling (the paperback is currently selling for between £50 and £150 on Amazon)



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