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300 LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is quite simply "an amazing business resource".

The problem is, whilst most professional service businesses are on LinkedIn, most have little idea on how to use it to raise their profile, generate new contacts and to find new clients.

What they soon discover, is that when they are shown how to use it, they witness an immediate, significant and measurable improvement in their visibility on LinkedIn.

IFA Life founder Philip Calvert is a recognised authority on how to use LinkedIn and has produced a popular and valuable guide to leveraging the networking site - featuring over 300 'tweet sized' tips.

We have THREE versions of the guide


  • For Financial Advisers and Financial services professionals click here
  • For Professional Speakers, and Seminar Leaders click here
  • For other business professionals, consultants and managers click here



LinkedIn expert Philip Calvert says:

“We guarantee that when you follow the tips in this book, you will see an immediate and measurable difference in the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. What's more, I use them all myself.”


Don't miss out on the amazing power of LinkedIn - own your LinkedIn Tips guide today.



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