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Social Media Planner for IFAs & Financial Advisers

It often shocks us as to how few IFAs & Financial Advisers have a documented plan for their use of Social Media. It's surprising because a clear plan will:

  • Give focus and clarity to what you want to achieve with Social Media
  • Add immense value to your existing clients
  • Support your business in many ways that you haden't thought possible
  • Help you to identify exactly what you should be posting on Social Media, when and how often
  • Help to reassure your compliance team
  • Generate more website visitors

...and much more.


When we ask financial advisers why they haven't got a plan, one answer constantly comes up ...

"I wouldn't know where to start".

So we've taken the bull by the horns and made it easy for you, by creating a Social Media Planning Tool which is specifically designed for Financial Advisers, IFAs, Financial Planners, Wealth Managers and other financial advice professionals.

We've identified thirty-eight different ways that financial advisers can benefit from having a clear Social Media plan - take a look >>


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