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Do advisers need coaching?

19/05/2011 09:38:05

The short answer is Yes! Some of the questions this response might give rise to could be - What is coaching? What's it got to do with me? Why now?&... Read the full story >>

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08 August 2016

Social Media Strategy Workshop for Financial Advisers - 20th October 2016 - Book Now

From our research, it's clear why so many Financial Advisers fail to see a return from their use of Social Media   ... Read the full story »

08 August 2016

Unique workshop for Financial Advisers where we will write your Social Media strategy from scratch

Join us on Thursday 20th October when we'll write the Social Media strategy for your financial advice business from scratch!   ... Read the full story »

07 July 2016

Video Killed the Radio Star - Will the Lifetime ISA kill the pension?

In 1979, the pop group The Buggles sang about how ‘video killed the radio star’. In the aftermath of the Budget many experts... Read the full story »

05 July 2016

Energy Performance Certificates - Why you need to review SIPP and SSAS clients’ commercial properties now

  Introduction Since 1 October 2008, anyone wanting to sell a commercial property has first had to obtain an Energy Performance Ce... Read the full story »

29 June 2016

Independent Financial Advisors 2016 Professional indemnity insurance market investigation

As a specialist broker for the IFA sector, we are always looking for ways to help IFAs understand how they can better protect their busin... Read the full story »

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